Aimfast AF1 Compass

Today every installer must be able to quickly install satellite
equipment. Professional installers are using the AimFast tool for fast
accurate site surveys and installations. Quickly find the optimum
spot to install your customers dish with AimFast.

Perfect for Ku-band, C-band, DirecTV, Direcway, Dish Network,
StarChoice, Bell Expressview, offset or prime focal. AimFast is
professional and rugged. Easy to use. You'll never want to be
without it!

Combined compass and inclinometer gives you fast and accurate
readings. Compass displays true bearing to 360° and back bearing
to 360°. Compass is magnetic with accuracy of +/-0.5°. Precision
sighting using the eye lens. Excellent for map reading.

Inclinometer shows 0° to 90° and 0% to 150% of inclination which
may be viewed using the eye lenses or directly from the face of the

• Built for fast site surveys and easy installs as well as map
• Can be used with one hand.
• Separate eyepieces with optical adjustment for the compass
and clinometer.
• Hairline accuracy of +/-0.25°.
• Cost effective.
• Saves time.
• Simple operation.
• Easy to use.
• Neck strap.
• Carry case.
• Jeweled movements.
• Anodized aluminum housing for years of use.
• All moving parts are immersed in dampening liquid.
• Liquid and moving parts are hermetically sealed inside high strength plastic containers.
• Liquid dampening prevents vibrations and promotes smooth movements.
• Compass has a permanent anti static treatment.
• Works for Ku, Ka, C, DSS, FSS.

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